Will I see more "historic first" inaugurations in my life?

Jan 21 2013 Published by under Asian Americanism

Today, President Obama took the oath of office and gave the inaugural address of his 2nd term, perhaps poignantly on Martin Luther King day. I still remember the disbelief I felt four years ago when Obama was elected president--to be honest, I never thought I'd see a black president. Now just four years later, President Obama's second, and also historic, inauguration has given me the audacity to wonder if I will see any other historic "firsts" in my life*.

First woman president? Hillary Clinton seems poised to have the best chance, but now I wonder if she'll run anymore given her age and health. First non-Christian president? Seems unlikely anytime soon, although some will go to great lengths to argue that we currently already have one. A LGBT president is even more doubtful, but some historians speculate that that title already belongs to President James Buchanan. How about Latino/Hispanic? Surely, one of these Latino American leaders must have presidential ambitions.

And of course, how could I forget a first Asian American president? Does Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have a shot? So far, the closest we've come to sniffing an Asian American presidency is probably the late Senator Daniel Inouye who at the time of his passing was President Pro Tempore of the US Senate, and therefore third in line of presidential succession.

I wonder if America, after Obama's two terms, would be ready for some more history-making so soon. Or will the US suffer from some sort of "firsts"-fatigue syndrome and slip into another era of white dude presidents?

*This also had the unintended and depressing effect of viewing my life in terms of how many presidential election cycles I have left.

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  • DrugMonkey says:

    Yes and yes. Yes the next 2 (+/-1) will be white male, in rebound mode. But then we'll be ready for a woman.

  • anon says:

    Fuck you both for saying that Hilary is too old and in "poor health". She fell and cracked her head, it could happen to anyone. She is fine, and she will still be younger than Reagan was when he took office. Did anyone complain at that time that he was too old? Or John McCain? Or is it that women have to be younger to be taken seriously? She is not the type to hold still, and it wouldn't surprise me if she decided to have another go after enjoying 4 years of retirement.

    • AmasianV says:

      I think you've mistook me wondering how age and health would affect her decision with a complaint. I wouldn't be surprised if she took a stab at it as well. My initial thought when she announced her resignation as Secretary of State was that she was gearing up for a run. FWIW, I'd be concerned about anyone running that was pushing or already over 70 (see: Biden).

    • drugmonkey says:

      Did anyone complain at that time that he was too old? Or John McCain?
      Yes, vociferously in Reagan's case, less so with McCrazy ..but that was because of Reagan. I'm not changing my position regarding Ronnie ("vociferous camp") just because I like Hillary's politics.

  • becca says:

    Obama came into prominence faster than most expected. Part of that is that hanging around in the Senate forever is a terrible way to get elected president. So I don't pretend to know who'll come up next.
    I'd vote for Clinton in a heartbeat, and I don't see anyone obvious on the Republican side coming up in the next cycle or two. Certainly none of the clowns who were in the last primary. If a Return to White D00ditude period isn't imminent, she'd be as likely as any.

    Alternatively, if we need to wait for a few more firsts all rolled into one, I'd love to see Tulsi Gabbard come up for 2020 or later.

  • chall says:

    I'd think that it depends on which direction GOP is running next two years. They have some hot younger "non-traditional" Americans (read: non white males) but I would think that may lead to a VP nomination, not the acutal stuff. Paul Ryan? Nahh... I think he might have done his thing, and still being young. Considering that 1/3 of the congress right now has been in the house less than 3 years, who knows what can happen one more presidental election down the road? You know, almost like if they decided to run with Dr Rice as VP for GOP considering her credientals and being a close person to Bush (aka super-true GOP man).

    I would LOVE it for HRC to run. I think she would rock, not based on the fact that she is a woman (I like that though) but because she has experience as Secretary of State and added as First Lady for 8 years so really, she knows that part very well. That said, there are some many people who hate so?

    My suggestion is to look at Senators and Congress people who has been there fore say 8 years and have a solid, maybe boring, record but are deemed "reliable". That's what I think this country will go for next time (if nothing else than to counter the upset of a black democrat in office)

    • AmasianV says:

      You know, I had this bizarre dream a few months back that HRC and Condoleezza Rice ran this crazy-cross-party-super-powerful-ex-Secretary-of-States presidential ticket. Except neither of them would reveal who was running for Prez and who was running for Veep.

  • chall says:

    oh, I meant to say Gov' of States too. Like Christie and Jindal and others who have a solid state platform but might spread out the love (like Arnold prior to the scandal)

  • DrugMonkey says:

    Arnold "spreading out the love" was what *caused* the scandal.

  • AmasianV says:

    "This is the beginning of the Hillary coronation." - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s Lovefest on ‘60 Minutes’


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