Landscape-to-portrait switcheroo

Feb 07 2013 Published by under Late-stage PhD student

If you're like me then you probably prefer reading papers in, well...paper form. Even though I fancy myself a pro-digital kind of guy, I don't really enjoy reading pdf's on a monitor. Not being able to see the whole page of a paper onscreen just kills me. Yes, I know I can zoom out, but then the font's all extra tiny and shiz. Also, scrolling up and down is a pain in the ass.

Then, I noticed what a fellow grad student in the lab did, which I hadn't thought of before. He took his monitor and pulled the ol' landscape-to-portrait switcheroo. Boom, problem solved.

Portrait Monitor

Just turn the monitor dawg

*** UPDATE ***

The same graduate student just reminded me that PubReader offers an enjoyable web-based reading experience for papers archived with PMC--independent of monitor orientation.

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