Hoping for a Miracle on Ice

Mar 07 2013 Published by under Potpourri

Last night's game concluded the regular season for my intramural hockey league. Our team, "The Team You Beat Last Week"  lost yet another game (0-7) and finished the season 1-5--our only win coming by forfeit. For some damned fool reason we decided to play in the high division league rather than the mid where we might have been competitive. So, if you want talk about imposter syndrome...

At any rate, the intramural season is too short. By the time you've got your hockey legs under you the season's over. Shame really, since I had my best game of the season last night--finishing -4, 1-11 at the faceoff dot, and 1 stepped-on puck...no, a Patrice Bergeron I am not.

Luckily for us, all the teams make it into the playoffs regardless of record. Maybe, just maybe, this ragtag team of misfits will rise to the occasion, Miracle on Ice style.




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