Never Touch a Grad Student's Radio

Apr 11 2013 Published by under Late-stage PhD student

I know. The title should probably say Winamp Pandora or Spotify or something a little bit more current. But, this was a mistake I made years ago during my pregrad school days when as a tech I had anointed myself lab DJ. I walked around like I owned the place--playing my CDs (remember those?) and changing the radio station at whim with so little as a peep of protestation from other lab members. Since no one ever said anything--at least, not to my face--I just assumed people were cool with my music choices.

On this particular occasion, the offending song was a cover of Roxette's Listen to your, I don't think you can really blame me for changing the station.

No, but this song was different, you see, because as soon as I touched the dial I heard this:

""Excuuuuuse me. Were you raised in a barn? I was listening to that."

I froze. Things got real quiet in the lab. I don't think I had ever been admonished like that in my life. Caught somewhere between the urge to start bah-ing like a sheep and actually feeling sheepish, I mumbled through an apology and told the grad student that I didn't really appreciate the dig at how my parents raised me. Then, I backed out of the room mad tentatively.

Anyway, moral of the story: Not everyone has impeccable tast Don't be an inconsiderate jerk. And have a democratic process in place for electing the lab DJ.

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  • Bashir says:

    lol, Winamp.

    Maybe this is a field thing, or just the labs I've been in. We are head phones only.

    • AmasianV says:

      Yeah, this was one of those labs with a "no headphones, no iPod" policy that I was telling about a while back.

  • Margot says:

    My frist PI always complained that we wore headphones in the lab, and he didn't get to listen to music out loud. After observing the lab members for about 5 seconds I wondered why on earth he wanted to listen to their stuff, or thought that we wanted to hear his stuff. (I like some metal, but not all the time, in the lab, at volume.) He also occasionally practiced his guitar in the lunch room.

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