One week left to double your money through DonorsChoose!

May 31 2013 Published by under Potpourri


DonorsChoose has teamed up with Scientopia in an end-of-the-school-year drive to help raise $$$ for needy classrooms! For a limited time (until June 7), your donations of up to $100 will be matched if you enter SCIENTOPIA in the "match or gift code" field (See here for screenshot).

With one week left, I'm happy to report that 11 of the projects on the Scientopia Bloggers Giving Page have been completed. That means Mr. Mead will be able to purchase Zometools to help make learning geometry hands-on and fun! And it means Mrs. Mohlar can use math manipulatives to help students who struggle with math learn in non-traditional ways.

But there are plenty more projects that still need our help and don't think you're limited to the projects on our giving page--the SCIENTOPIA match code can be use for ANY project.

Let's do this y'all!


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