Cosponsors for F32?

Mar 28 2014 Published by under F32, Fellowships, NIH, Postdocery

I've been reading and hearing from numerous sources that it's advantageous to have cosponsors for an F32 proposal. Yet, when a postdoc colleague of mine recently contacted a program officer to inquire about this, the PO was all wtf do you need a cosponsor for? What's the dil?

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  • Arlenna says:

    My experience is that it's about whether the main PI is junior or senior. If they are a senior person with plenty of NIH funding history, it's probably fine. But if they are a junior person, it's almost always necessary to have a senior NIH-funded person as a co-sponsor and collaborator on the project.

    • AmasianV says:

      I've been seeing it more in the context of "if a PI lacks expertise with particular technique/area."

      • chemicalbilology says:

        It makes sense to me in the general culture of NIH grants: even when you're a "grown-up" PI, if you haven't published on something that you want to use in your proposal, you need a letter of support from someone who is an expert in it. Maybe that's what the PO thought would be more appropriate rather than co-sponsor?

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