Words and phrases I'm kind of tired of hearing

Jul 26 2013 Published by under Potpourri

In no particular order:

1. conflate

2. straw man

3. manufactroversy (Ok, I've only seen this used once, but I knew right off the bat that it belonged on this list)

4. correlation does not imply causation

5. schematic

This list is not exhaustive. Feel free to add yours below.



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"We got different social norms than yoooo-oouuuu..."

Jul 19 2013 Published by under Asian Americanism

Just a few things to clarify about the "Asians Eat Weird Things" music video:

1. Drinking fish sauce straight from the bottle? No one can handle that umami bomb.


2. That's doesn't look like nem nuong (nem nướng) @ 2:45. Nem nướng is grilled pork, that looks more like nem chua which is fermented, cured pork...and delicious.

Nem chua

3. "Hell no we ain't eating no dogs..." Maybe not in America, but in some parts of Vietnam my peoples do.

4. And how are the Fung Bros going to leave out tasty Lethocerus indicus pheromones (cà cuống)? or even the imitation stuff?

Lethocerus indicus

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Editing the third chapter of my thesis

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A font even better than Comic Sans for my thesis defense

Jul 11 2013 Published by under Asian Americanism, Late-stage PhD student

If only it came with a β symbol...

Chinese Takeaway


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When an experiment works...

Mar 01 2013 Published by under Late-stage PhD student

...but you're the only member of the lab.


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